Reef Website

Reef was looking to combine their marketing site with their e-commerce website while still maintaining the rich cultural brand experience online. Through a complete re-architecture of the site, we developed an engaging user experience that allowed people to seamlessly glide between the cultural experience of the brand to a shopping cart in a matter of minutes. Built to adapt to any screen, work with retailers in every country from Australia to Brazil, and leverage social media to engage with the strong following that Reef already, the new experience has transformed how people engage with Reef online.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Peter Baston, Ryan O’Dononghue







MeeGo, an open source project spear headed by Intel and Nokia launched a global campaign to raise excitement among the developer audience. Assets included graphical posters showcasing apps and devices along with a viral video where every day people spoke in open source code – from rappers to grannies knitting; the message “Speak Openly” was brought to life. The campaign transformed MeeGo, from a vastly unheard of brand, to one of the forerunners in operating systems running across multiple devices.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Courtenay Hameister



Calistoga Water

This campaign launched the (then) new Calistoga Water line. Having consulted on packaging description, website design and overall regional launch of the brand, the visuals in the campaign used shadows and reflections on letter- pressed paper to capture the feeling of sitting under a tree or by the water, enjoying the natural taste of Calistoga. The campaign ran in San Francisco and Sacramento on billboards, bus shelters and subway cards.

Agency: Publicis Dialog | Additional Team: Amanda Hughes-Watkins, Katie Hopkins, Helena Seo





Playstation Online Experience

Since Destination Playstation is where big news is delivered every year, the website would play up the cool factor of what was coming while also leaving the viewer anticipating “the Next Big Thing” that PlayStation has to offer. Inserting some of PlayStation’s most iconic characters into photographs of life around the resort at which the event was taking place, allowed users to have a familiar and fun experience with the brand. Each image had a small animated portion (leaves blowing, elevator doors opening, candles flickering, to add more depth to the experience. The website design extended to event graphics and collateral, including posters, menus and additional assets hung on location for a holistic approach around the concept.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Geoffrey Abraham, Stephen Aase






Sunny D Campaign

This Sunny D campaign was to be used in both women’s and children’s journals. The idea was to create an ad that would appeal to both children and their mothers by rekindling the memories of their own childhoods, with endless hours spent trying to ‘Find Freddy’ and wondering ‘Where’s Waldo?’. Mothers would no longer have to search for a drink that both tasted great and was packed with healthy vitamins. Leveraging augmented reality and a downloadable app, the experience enticed both audiences to engage with the brand together.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Additional Team: Andreas Sanz





Humane Society Silicon Valley

Humane Society Silicon Valley is undertaking a 6-year, fundraising campaign effort. The goal was to create a story and a message around the campaign that would help inspire donors to contribute to the cause. The concept leverages the idea that donors are helping give pets more than a home. Together with the support of the community and leveraging the foundation no animal has to get left behind. The concept emphasizes that every pet deserves a second chance at life and shows how donors may “paint a peter future” for that animal. Leveraging original photography taken at HSSV of each pet and then drawing a a possible future around them, this concept was built to touch the hearts of those who have the means to give.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Jesse Amborn, Christy Zilka, Lia Zhu, Heaven McArthur





Yahoo Marketing Materials

Yahoo! was looking for out-of-the-box ways to bring their stories to life. By creating customizable infographics and building a customized tool that allowed Yahoo!’s sales force to built their own creative presentations, we turned boring facts into an engaging experience. Each often experiences had embedded Yahoo! products that helped showcase their unique line of offerings.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Sam White, Stephen Aase, Peter Baston









Intel MeeGo UI

Intel’s MeeGo is an open source platform that delivers intuitive and intelligent mobile applications and rich end user experiences. We were asked to build the user interface for the multiple devices including tablets, phones, in-vehicle entertainment and computers. The experience stretched into an integrated campaign that was launched at Intel’s Software Marketing Conference.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Steven Rios, Christopher Cooney

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Giftmeister is a gift-giving website designed for those who find shopping for the perfect gift to be both difficult and painful. Its initial launch was focused on technology gifts, which sky rocketed during the holiday season. Users select gender, age, price and pick a personality that best matches who they are shopping for. They then can create shopping lists, price-drop notifications and upload their own wish lists to be shared on facebook®, and other social sights. Its release has spread like wildfire with its story being picked up by CNET, USA Today, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes and many more.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Steven Rios







Intel “Chip” Game

Educating in-store retailers doesn’t have to be boring. To teach employees globally about the new Intel Core Processors, we created a character named “Chip”. Educational assets included games, 3D animations along with the more traditional PowerPoint’s. The campaign launched in store globally and has been continuously requested as a training tool.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Ryan O’Donoghue, Hubert Dong