MeeGo, an open source project spear headed by Intel and Nokia launched a global campaign to raise excitement among the developer audience. Assets included graphical posters showcasing apps and devices along with a viral video where every day people spoke in open source code – from rappers to grannies knitting; the message “Speak Openly” was brought to life. The campaign transformed MeeGo, from a vastly unheard of brand, to one of the forerunners in operating systems running across multiple devices.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Courtenay Hameister



Calistoga Water

This campaign launched the (then) new Calistoga Water line. Having consulted on packaging description, website design and overall regional launch of the brand, the visuals in the campaign used shadows and reflections on letter- pressed paper to capture the feeling of sitting under a tree or by the water, enjoying the natural taste of Calistoga. The campaign ran in San Francisco and Sacramento on billboards, bus shelters and subway cards.

Agency: Publicis Dialog | Additional Team: Amanda Hughes-Watkins, Katie Hopkins, Helena Seo





Microsoft Instore Campaign

Introducing the MePC. The new PCs are featured as part of a collection of items that work together to describe a very unique and specific person. These items are arranged neatly and shot from overhead. They’re real items on a real surface. No futuristic clean accessories unless that’s the persona we’re talking about. These are accessories that get used in real life – and they display that use. The PC should fit perfectly into this collection of personality-defining tools and accessories. It should feel like it belongs. It should be natural.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Peter Baston, Geoffrey Abrahams







Earth Day Posters

Many companies send out year-end holiday greetings each year. Livengood | Nowack didn’t want their message to get buried among the crowd, so they sent out Earth Day greetings, celebrating Mother Earth and the beautiful Northwest. Organic designs were screen- printed on seeded paper and recipients were asked not to hang their poster but rather plant it and let it grow.

Agency: Livengood | Nowack



Sunny D Campaign

This Sunny D campaign was to be used in both women’s and children’s journals. The idea was to create an ad that would appeal to both children and their mothers by rekindling the memories of their own childhoods, with endless hours spent trying to ‘Find Freddy’ and wondering ‘Where’s Waldo?’. Mothers would no longer have to search for a drink that both tasted great and was packed with healthy vitamins. Leveraging augmented reality and a downloadable app, the experience enticed both audiences to engage with the brand together.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Additional Team: Andreas Sanz





Humane Society Silicon Valley

Humane Society Silicon Valley is undertaking a 6-year, fundraising campaign effort. The goal was to create a story and a message around the campaign that would help inspire donors to contribute to the cause. The concept leverages the idea that donors are helping give pets more than a home. Together with the support of the community and leveraging the foundation no animal has to get left behind. The concept emphasizes that every pet deserves a second chance at life and shows how donors may “paint a peter future” for that animal. Leveraging original photography taken at HSSV of each pet and then drawing a a possible future around them, this concept was built to touch the hearts of those who have the means to give.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Jesse Amborn, Christy Zilka, Lia Zhu, Heaven McArthur





Sleep Number Campaign

Sleep Number is all about not having to compromise your side of the bed for the comfort of your partner. This campaign portrayed the unique customization of the sleep number beds. Couples could choose the firmness of their side without it affecting their partners, harder or softer. The idea was brought to life using dreamlike landscapes. A guerilla campaign for this idea was also conceived to work with white paint outlines in real life situations as a teaser to an educational website.

Agency: Publicis Dialog



Nature Works Ad Campaign

Natureworks is a company that develops packaging and products using biopolymers, materials that look like plastic but are 100% bio-degradable. This print campaign was developed to launch their bio-degradable utensils, introduce the technology and create intrigue around this new world-friendly material. The ads were printed on 100% recycled paper and inserted into regional magazines.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Additional Team: SueAnne Ho




To launch a marketing campaign for the Oregon Auto Dealers Association we created a “Car Buyer’s Survival Guide”. A series of tongue-in-cheek TV ads showed a Bear Grylls type personality surviving wildly strange instances, while educating the viewer on the benefits of buying a used car. The ads teased the website which was created in the form of an old-school survival guide, and showcased illustrations of our hero with a variety of steps on how to overcome the perils of buying a car.

Agency: Livengood | Nowack | Additional Team: Derek Hamilton, Richard Topping





Yahoo Marketing Materials

Yahoo! was looking for out-of-the-box ways to bring their stories to life. By creating customizable infographics and building a customized tool that allowed Yahoo!’s sales force to built their own creative presentations, we turned boring facts into an engaging experience. Each often experiences had embedded Yahoo! products that helped showcase their unique line of offerings.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Sam White, Stephen Aase, Peter Baston