Microsoft Instore Campaign

Introducing the MePC. The new PCs are featured as part of a collection of items that work together to describe a very unique and specific person. These items are arranged neatly and shot from overhead. They’re real items on a real surface. No futuristic clean accessories unless that’s the persona we’re talking about. These are accessories that get used in real life – and they display that use. The PC should fit perfectly into this collection of personality-defining tools and accessories. It should feel like it belongs. It should be natural.

Agency: Liquid Agency | Additional Team: Peter Baston, Geoffrey Abrahams







Intel MeeGo UI

Intel’s MeeGo is an open source platform that delivers intuitive and intelligent mobile applications and rich end user experiences. We were asked to build the user interface for the multiple devices including tablets, phones, in-vehicle entertainment and computers. The experience stretched into an integrated campaign that was launched at Intel’s Software Marketing Conference.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Steven Rios, Christopher Cooney

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Asula Brand

Asula Wellness wished to develop a new identity to support their expansion into the holistic wellness space. The identity supported the opening of a new wellness center along with expanded services, including naturopathy, acupuncture, movement therapy and massage. We developed an all-encompassing messaging framework and voice with “back, body, balance,” which supported a new logo design along with marketing materials including website, collateral and environmental brand artifacts within the centers. Since launching the new identity materials, the wellness center has grown a practice of four, to over forty, and has recently opened an additional center to support its growth.

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