MeeGo, an open source project spear headed by Intel and Nokia launched a global campaign to raise excitement among the developer audience. Assets included graphical posters showcasing apps and devices along with a viral video where every day people spoke in open source code – from rappers to grannies knitting; the message “Speak Openly” was brought to life. The campaign transformed MeeGo, from a vastly unheard of brand, to one of the forerunners in operating systems running across multiple devices.

Agency: Ironhorse Interactive | Additional Team: Courtenay Hameister



Tylenol TV Spot

For Tylenol’s 8-Hour Relief pain medication, a TV commercial was developed showing construction workers on a site. Everything the workers used, from tires to soldered metal visually formed the figure 8. This was designed to be a cinemagraphic piece that juxtaposed rough men with elegant BW imagery.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Additional Team: Marcus Jones


To launch a marketing campaign for the Oregon Auto Dealers Association we created a “Car Buyer’s Survival Guide”. A series of tongue-in-cheek TV ads showed a Bear Grylls type personality surviving wildly strange instances, while educating the viewer on the benefits of buying a used car. The ads teased the website which was created in the form of an old-school survival guide, and showcased illustrations of our hero with a variety of steps on how to overcome the perils of buying a car.

Agency: Livengood | Nowack | Additional Team: Derek Hamilton, Richard Topping